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I am so passionate about your success, it's infectious!  I'm out there in the real estate trenches every day, gathering valuable information for you so you can buy and sell with ease, build equity, and make your wildest dreams come true.

I will boost your real estate knowledge to heights beyond your highest expectations and prepare you for the world of real estate, helping you to successfully navigate even extreme markets. 

I am a proven success in the business world. As a local entrepreneur who built, expanded and sold a lucrative company, I have the business know-how and capacity to guide you to recognize opportunity and capitalize on success. 

In addition, as a licensed electrician, my practical skills and residential knowledge far surpass those of the average real estate agent. 

When it is time for you to buy or sell your home, I guarantee choosing me will be the best decision you have ever made.

Don’t wait until you are ready to buy or sell; start educating yourself now. Subscribe to my monthly blueprint to real estate success, for FREE!  When your time comes, you will have the confidence and expertise to maximize your success and start building wealth through real estate, as I have done. 

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