Christine Siemens

Christine Siemens, Broker

Speaks: English

London and Surrounding Areas

(519) 851-1078




"Christine Siemens hails all the way from Calgary originally, and she has been in real estate in London for over three years. She knows how to manage clients and her business partner, aka her husband thanks to her background as an office manager for oil and gas companies. Christine now works to provide the highest form of service while working alongside her husband of 25 years. Christine believes that communication is the key to working with others and ensuring loyalty and respect to everyone she works with. When she can pull herself away from helping clients, Christine enjoys traveling and having amazing experiences abroad. Whether it be riding camels in Mongolia, or hanging out with elephants in South Africa, Christine loves a good adventure. When it comes to business, Christine has one mindset, keep your emotions out of the equation and focus on being a business transaction.

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