The company you keep is everything

It’s all about Leadership, Training, Culture, and Results.

We baked it into the fabric.
The Realty Firm was founded on the ideal of absolute professionalism. From the incubation of the company right through to the daily operations, our focus is the client experience. Empowering members to deliver exceptional results, providing training and support to an unprecedented level leads to the best consumer experience. 

We are driven by the needs and goals of our clients. Collectively as a group, we insist on a culture of excellence. 

As a member of The Realty Firm Inc., you can be assured your career is being backed by recognized leaders and seasoned administrative staff. Our support system is designed to enhance the services provided every step of the way. Compromise is not in the cards.
Marketing campaigns and public image are the easiest part of real estate to evaluate.

What many real estate professionals don’t see are
the things that happen behind the scenes.

What you don’t see:
  • Monthly Mastermind training where our members discuss best practices in an open, non-competitive & collaborative forum.
  • Sales training lead by certified trainers and sales coaches available to each member throughout the year.
  • Regular updates and information sessions to keep members on track with regulatory, compliance, and legal issues surrounding the industry.
We take pride in our skills and training. It’s what is best for our clients and our industry as a whole.

We are hiring!

As we continue to grow our brokerage, The Realty Firm is looking to add passionate and driven members to our team.  
Check out the exciting opportunities to join a brokerage that is expanding across Southwestern Ontario and beyond!

Not the old way of doing things. 

Remember the days when a newspaper ad was the path to enlightenment when selling property? Spend a bunch of money in print advertising and all your dreams will come true! This is no longer the case. Marketing real estate today is 10 times as complicated and... 

10 times as effective

when done right!

What are the new marketing realities? 

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter just to name a few. 

Websites: Our members are well trained on taking advantage of the IDX/MLS systems. The rules around sharing MLS data are much different these days. 

Digital Assets: Creating compelling digital assets is a crucial underpinning of all other digital marketing efforts. 
Market Changes: Techniques in a seller's market are different than a buyer's market. We are ready for any shift as it happens. 

Leveraging Technology: These are times when having the right tools makes the difference. Electronic signatures, digital communications and segmented marketing are all examples of where tech training wins. 

We pivot rapidly on industry changes, keeping our clients on the cutting edge. 

What Some Of Our Professionals Say...

Learn more, earn more, spend less

Our goal is simple. Let us show you how to grow your business, while increasing your quality of life inside of it... at a fraction of the cost.

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