Martha Earley On Switching to The Realty Firm Inc., Brokerage

Martha Earley was the #1 agent at her previous brokerage in 2020 before joining The Realty Firm in February 2021.

Moving to The Realty Firm wasn’t a quick decision for Martha. She was part of a reputable brokerage for 16 years. 2020 was a record breaking year for her and she was the first woman to ever achieve #1 salesperson in that office. 

Martha needed a new goal and a new challenge.

Making the Switch

“I kept telling myself it wasn’t the right time. I had another deal on the go. I had another this to get. Part of it was probably my ego. I had so much on my plate. A woman had never won the #1 salesperson in my previous office before and I wanted that.” 

She had many questions, ‘what if it didn’t work out?’ was the biggest one followed by what her clients would think of leaving a big brand. 

“I was so hesitant that I closed my mind to what the possibilities were. When I went through and put it on paper, it made sense. Even the numbers made sense. Moving to The Realty Firm meant I would be getting way more support  while at the same time lowering my brokerage fees.”

Martha finally joined The Realty Firm in February 2021.

What has changed?

A lot has changed in Martha’s business and according to her, in very positive ways. A big one is just way more efficient messages on Showing TIme and getting them in a very clear manner.

Martha truly values the attention she gets and contact from management. They actually listen. With Covid and less time in the office, the interactions on Facebook and their own internal communications showed a true willingness to help with nothing to gain.

Mostly, Martha feels like a valued team member.

“The Realty Firm cares about its agents and truly wants to help. The leadership and training included in the fees are solely for the personal growth of the agents. You have to feel like they care and it’s a family. You are on your own, but you’re not on your own.”

Did it work out?

“Ryan, Sandra, and the rest of the team at The Realty Firm have exceeded my expectations. Can’t even describe it. Had a rough couple of situations I had never dealt with before and they take calls to help figure things out right away. They ask the right questions, and listen before responding.”

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